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Asbestos In Your Home

Some building materials, when damaged, can pose significant health risks.

Below are examples of common locations where asbestos might be present in your home.

Dangerous asbestos in the city, Eternit at old houses in Spain, Galicia. _Old building mat

Asbestos Cement

  • Corrugated shed roof

  • Soffit and fascia

  • Under stairs panel

  • Cement flue pipes

  • Guttering & down pipes

  • Roof cowl

2021-11-04 12.28.24.jpg

Textured Coating

  • Artex

  • Decorative coating

  • Textured coating

  • Popcorn ceiling

Broken Asbestos Cement Sheets with Asbestos Flock Waste.jpg

Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB)

  • Lining to airing cupboard

  • Door header and footer panel

  • Boiler backing panel

  • Boxing

  • Riser lining

2021-11-18 12.19.12.jpg

Floor tiles

  • Brown tiles

  • Re-inforced composite tiles

Asbestos containing toilet cistern Bakelite.jpg

Bitumen Adhesive & Acoustic Pads

  • Adhesive to floor tiles

  • Acoustic sink pads

  • Acoustic bath pads

  • Damp proof course

  • Toilet cisterns

Asbestos rope insulation around a water pipe_edited.jpg

Asbestos Textiles

  • Rope seals

  • Asbestos rope

  • Sash cords

  • Pipe wrapping

  • Wallpaper

  • Paper backed lino 

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